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About Us
Our Purpose

The Bridge Network of Churches is a group of churches partnering to fulfill the Great Commission. Our focus is on growing and planting healthy, evangelistic, reproducing congregations reaching across cultures and ethnicity. While we are primarily a group of Southern Baptist Churches, we exist to serve any church which shares our vision and values and desires to have a mutually supportive relationship with us.

We seek to Grow Healthy Churches and Partner for Transformation.

What We Do


First, we connect people to individuals, opportunities and partnerships. Our “radar” is always on, listening and watching to link people we know with opportunities made known to us. Pastor to pastor relationships are vital to our mission.


Second, we cultivate leaders at all levels of the local church; teachers, small group leaders, deacons, treasurers, youth workers, worship leaders, administrative staff, the Greenhouse for new preachers, pastoral leadership advances and the Leadership Lab combine to provide effective, quality skill development for kingdom leaders.


Third, we coach churches to steadily improve the eight systems which form a healthy congregation: Sunday worship, evangelism, assimilation, ministry (volunteers), stewardship, small groups (Sunday school), leadership and strategic.

All of these service features are available at no cost (other than materials) to each of our churches because churches like yours provide financial support to The Bridge Network of Churches!

Our Story

Serving a population of more than 1.3 million people, the vision of the Bridge Network is to cross geographical, racial, and denominational boundaries and to build bridges into the communities and cultures beyond the walls of church buildings.

Celebrating the multi-cultural church within Hampton Roads, the Bridge Network of Churches is comprised of Anglo, African-American, Korean, Filipino, Chinese, Hispanic, and Deaf congregations. There are approximately 40,000 congregation members within the Bridge Network working in the greater South Hampton Roads area and the Eastern Shore to minister and witness to the greater community.

South Hampton Roads is home to bases for each branch of the military. There are also a number of colleges and universities within the area in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake. Virginia Beach is the largest geographical resort city in the world. Norfolk is a thriving center for finance, the arts, and small businesses. Chesapeake is the fastest growing city in our region, with a balance between residential growth and commercial/industrial growth. This provides a ripe opportunity for ministry-reaching out to people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and training believers to reach their neighbors and the world.

The Eastern Shore is comprised of rich farmland, undisturbed beaches, expanses of marsh and forests, and small towns rich in history and culture. Many people visit the area to go camping, see the Chincoteague ponies, and to shop for antiques. There is also a large Hispanic working community on the Shore. We are able to minister to those visiting the region, as well as serve the migrant workers through our Eastern Shore churches.

The Bridge Network of Churches office is located at 1407 Stephanie Way, Suite F in Chesapeake, VA. We can be reached by phone (757-938-9793) or by email (

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