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Regent University Partnership

Regent University is partnering with The Bridge Network of Churches to offer a 15% tuition discount.  Discounts will not apply to fees, books, supplies or other charges.

To be eligible for this discount qualified applicants must be a full time paid employee (includes but not limited to Pastors, Associate Pastors and Secretaries) of a church that is an active member of the BNoC or a bi-vocational lead pastor; or a dependent of a full time paid employee of a church that is an active member of the BNoC. (Dependents are considered those that can legally be  claimed as a dependent on the employee/pastor’s tax return.)

Complete the Regent Tuition Discount form. Present it to the authorized person at BNoC to sign.  Submit the form with your application to Regent University.

Regent tuition discount form.

Link to Regent University Partnership page:

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