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5 x 5 Prayer Challenge

by Kim Jessie

As ministry leaders, we know the importance of prayer.  We know how prayer changes lives and impacts our ministries.  But, ministry can consume our time.  Do you ever feel dissatisfied, because you have so little time to pray?  You are not alone!

According to an Ellis Research survey found on the www.Church website:

16% of minister leaders are very satisfied with their personal prayer lives

47% are somewhat satisfied

30% somewhat dissatisfied

7% very dissatisfied

30 minutes = the median amount of prayer time per day

During that time, a typical minister leader spends

12 minutes with prayer requests

8 minutes in quiet time

7 minutes giving thanks

7 minutes more in praise

5 minutes confessing sin


Ministry leaders are struggling to have quality prayer lives.  How can we be different?  A simple solution may be the 5X5 Prayer Challenge.  Frizzell in How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life outlines five types of prayer.  The five types are:

  1. Praise, thanksgiving and worship

  2. Confession and repentance

  3. Petition and supplication

  4. Intercession

  5. Meditation (listening prayer and