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A Time for Heroes

June 2022


When a congregation decides to give their mortgage-free property to another congregation, it grabs our attention! Level Green Fellowship voted on April 24th to gift their building and     property to Faithway  Baptist Church, a predominantly African-American church.

With COVID, “Level Green’s attendance began to dwindle…and our offerings did the same,” explains   Pastor Lynn Garrett. “We knew we had a nice facility that could be used for God’s glory to further Gospel outreach to our community. I met with Lynn Hardaway to discuss our options; during that lunch, he received a phone call from Horacio Hall, who was seeking a building. I had asked the Lord to have Horacio reach out to me, and His answer was that phone call.”

Pastor Hall gives this perspective: “I have always said through the years that God was going to give us a   building, but the congregation would just laugh at me. I was serious this year as we turned the corner to  twenty-five years (in existence as a church), that God would just do something – something amazing – and He did!”

We consider this act of sacrifice and generosity a true act of heroism; it takes raw courage to make the kind of decisions the pastor and people of Level Green made to assure the outreach to their community would continue beyond their own lifespan as a church.

Well done!

Lynn Hardaway



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