Engaging Your Church’s Community: Ministering to Senior Adults

By Kim Jessie

Ministering to Senior Adults can be exciting and rewarding.  These ideas can help any church start or expand ministry to Senior Adults.

Adopt a Grandparent: Connect children, teens, and young adults who may not have local grandparents with seniors who can mentor and inspire them.

Mission Opportunities:  Many seniors still want to make a difference.  Seek out opportunities for them to serve locally and on mission teams to have meaningful experiences in serving others.

Trips:  Schedule trips to museums, malls, movies, the mountains, shows, etc.

Gatherings: Host events where seniors can get together and enjoy fellowship with other seniors.

Call Trees:  During times of power outages and bad storms, have call trees to check on seniors.  Additionally, have callers who will check on seniors who miss a Sunday.

Hot Meals:  Some seniors will not prepare hot meals for themselves.  Host a weekly hot meal or have meals delivered by friends or neighbors to seniors in your church.

Winterization of homes and cars:  Occasionally, seniors need assistance winterizing their homes and their cars.  Develop a team that will offer to help seniors prepare their homes and cars for colder weather.