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Engaging Your Church’s Community: Ministering to Senior Adults

By Kim Jessie

Ministering to Senior Adults can be exciting and rewarding.  These ideas can help any church start or expand ministry to Senior Adults.

Adopt a Grandparent: Connect children, teens, and young adults who may not have local grandparents with seniors who can mentor and inspire them.

Mission Opportunities:  Many seniors still want to make a difference.  Seek out opportunities for them to serve locally and on mission teams to have meaningful experiences in serving others.

Trips:  Schedule trips to museums, malls, movies, the mountains, shows, etc.

Gatherings: Host events where seniors can get together and enjoy fellowship with other seniors.

Call Trees:  During times of power outages and bad storms, have call trees to check on seniors.  Additionally, have callers who will check on seniors who miss a Sunday.

Hot Meals:  Some seniors will not prepare hot meals for themselves.  Host a weekly hot meal or have meals delivered by friends or neighbors to seniors in your church.

Winterization of homes and cars:  Occasionally, seniors need assistance winterizing their homes and their cars.  Develop a team that will offer to help seniors prepare their homes and cars for colder weather.

Home Maintenance and Repairs:  Provide a team of volunteers who will help seniors with basic maintenance and home repairs.  Tasks might include changing batteries in smoke alarms, changing air filters, cleaning out dryer ducts, etc.

Yard Work: Some seniors need assistance with basic yard maintenance.  Have some volunteers who enjoy mowing, planting, and raking help seniors maintain their yards.

Car Maintenance: Some seniors need help with oil changes and simple maintenance like changing wiper blades and adding air to tires.  Develop a team that will periodically check out cars and go with seniors to auto repair shops when problems arise.

Transportation:  Some seniors need transportation to and from doctors’ appointments, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.  Create a team that will drive seniors where they need to go.

Senior Worship: Host a mid-week, daytime worship experience focusing on traditional hymns and messages that resonate with seniors.  Serve a breakfast/brunch before or a hot lunch after to provide widows/widowers with opportunities to share meals with other people during the week.



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