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Ideas for a Child-Friendly Christmas Eve Service

More families will visit worship services during the Christmas season than at any other time of the year. Most will attend Christmas Eve services as families gather for Christmas celebrations. Below are some simple and fun ideas to help create child friendly experiences.

  1. Have a good mix of traditional and contemporary Christmas music

  2. Sing the familiar verses.

  3. Create child only nativity depictions (the main characters may practice in advance with others added as they arrive).

  4. Invite children to participate in all-age Nativity depictions as additional angels, shepherds and wise men.

  5. Have a birthday party for Jesus with cupcakes, goodies and punch. Provide Christmas themed items for the children to take home as party favors.

  6. Invite children forward for a children’s Christmas sing along.

  7. Provide children with Nativity coloring books or coloring sheets and crayons.

  8. Give children gift bags with paper doll Nativity sets and encourage them to act out the Nativity story as it is read (stickers and cling figures also work).

  9. Use glow sticks instead of candles.

  10. Have a Christmas petting zoo.

  11. Secure a snow machine and have snow falling as the families leave the service.

  12. End early so children are home before bedtime

  13. Provide a seasonal setting for families to have Christmas pictures taken.

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