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2023 Spring Mission Project

This year, we are partnering with Safe House as they hope to rescue 200 Human Trafficking Victims in our region.  Our goal is to provide 150 filled backpacks and $150 per rescued victim.  The backpack provides essential supplies for their first 24-48 hours and the $150 provides money to secure transportation and a safe place to stay for their first night of freedom.

Items to fill each backpack: 

Trave size:



Body wash



Face wash towelettes

Hand sanitizer

(Please put liquid items in a Zip-lock bag)


Regular size:

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Comb and brush

Elastic hair ties

Lip balm

Small journal with pens,                  

Stress ball/fidget toy/squishy toy (no company names)

Prepackaged non-perishable food snack

Thin blanket

Encouraging note (sign your first name only)

$30 MasterCard or Visa gift card*


Deadline is the Spring meeting, April 27th. You may bring them to the office prior to the meeting. 

*Please make sure the gift card does not have an inactive card fee as some backpacks may be stored for several months.  The small print on the back of the card will identify if it deducts money from the card if it is not used immediately.

You may donate to the Project by clicking on the below button.

2023 backpack picture for Safe House Project.jpg
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