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2023/2024 Scholarship

This year we are offering two ways to complete the Scholarship application.  If you would like to print the application, complete it, mail or bring it to the office; click on the Print Application button below.  OR you may complete the application online.  Remember to upload all required items.

Instructions for Completing A Scholarship Application

Welcome to The Bridge Network of Churches Scholarship. Due to the stewardship fo the Network churches, we are able to provide need and merit-based scholarships to deserving students.


All of the scholarships awarded by the BNoC are annual scholarships. STUDENTS MUST APPLY OR RE-APPLY EACH YEAR for consideration. Scholarships are limited to full time students enrolled in Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) recognized institutions.
     ***must check and submit all of the box items before hitting apply now***



Scholarship Application
How did you hear about us?

Financial Information:

Are you named as a Dependent on your parent's 2022 Federal Income Tax Return?

If Yes answer part A. If No answer part B.

Part A:

List names and anticipated graduation dates of siblings in college who are supported by your parents:

Part B:

Educational Information: High School/College(s) Attended:


Indicate classification for Fall 2023:

Graduate School:

Institution you anticipate attending during the 2023/2024 academic year:

Vocationally are you preparing for a career in Christian Ministry?
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